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November 18th 2016 by Laura

Welcome to WorkAmerica! Our mission is to get job seekers like you hired into the right employment. That means employment that takes full advantage of your training and credentials, that pays you what you deserve, and with the work environment you desire. And we want this to happen quickly, with minimal work on your part,  … Read more

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Your carefully crafted job posting has been posted for weeks, even months. Resumes flood in, yet none meet even the most basic requirements. What gives?! You are searching online for talent that doesn’t exist online. To stay ahead of the recruiting curve, you need to connect to the source of all skilled, licensed and credentialed talent: community and technical colleges!

If you could stop sourcing unqualified applicants, that would be great.

The gathering this week in DC of the US workforce system’s key stakeholders, at the National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB) Forum, provided a venue for sharing best practices and stoking innovative thinking around how to strengthen businesses and communities through building a stronger more skilled workforce. Through more than 50 workshops and a variety  … Read more

NAWB Poster

Jefferson State and WorkAmerica announce new partnership to help connect education to employment for CTE students and graduates Strategic partnership formed to support job placement efforts and increase data collection and transparency around placement outcomes. Birmingham, Alabama – Jefferson State Community College, one of Alabama’s largest community colleges serving over 12,000 students each year across  … Read more


We’re always improving our platform to get you hired faster. This week, we released some massive updates that you should know about, since they impact your profile and give you a greater chance of getting recruited successfully. Easier to use profile layout–  We completely redesigned the layout More detailed credentials and education– we now ask  … Read more

Finding the right employment is a lot of work. You have to hunt through job postings, customize your resume, send out applications, follow up with emails and phone calls, and the chances of getting an interview are slim. We looked at that whole tiresome process, and thought to ourselves “shouldn’t this be the other way  … Read more

Having a complete profile is the single best thing you can do to stand out to employers. In fact, employers are 93% more likely to click on a profile with a credential listed than one without. Follow these 3 quick tips to stand out: Add your licenses, certificates and credentials: Add any and all credentials you’ve  … Read more

We want to gather all the best job seekers in one place, to make it easy for employers to contact and hire you. To do that, we’ve partnered with reputable training centers all across the country- from community colleges to technical schools and non-profit training centers and more. Here’s just a sample of our school  … Read more