3 steps to get in the top 5% of profiles

November 16th 2016 by Laura

Having a complete profile is the single best thing you can do to stand out to employers. In fact, employers are 93% more likely to click on a profile with a credential listed than one without.

Follow these 3 quick tips to stand out:

  • Add your licenses, certificates and credentials: Add any and all credentials you’ve earned. This includes more traditional credentials like a High School GED or Associate’s Degree, but also the growing number of new certificates and credentials that training institutions are awarding, like badges.
  • Add a professional profile picture: Professional in the sense that you look professionally dressed, smiling, and well-lit. It doesn’t have to be taken in a photography studio or anything, but it also should not be a selfie. Have your friend take a nice face-shot of you against a simple and well-lit background, and you are set!
  • List your most up to date contact information: When an employer finds your profile, they’ll contact you directly via text, email or phone call. Make sure the phone number and email you used to create your WorkAmerica profile are the most up-to-date, or you will miss out on opportunities.

So what is your profile missing?  Log in to check: secure.workamerica.co