November 13th 2016 by Laura
  1. How do I claim my profile?

    Log in at secure.workamerica.co using the information we emailed you. If you don’t have this email anymore, or are unsure if we have an account set up for you, contact us to ask!

  2. What industry of job seekers does WorkAmerica work with?

    We work with all kinds of job seekers, primarily those who have attended a community college or technical school or similar program. We work with diverse fields from computer IT to Allied Health to Manufacturing and Logistics. Chances are, if you’ve done some kind of post-high school training, we work with you.

  3. What experience level job seeker does WorkAmerica work with?

    We work with all levels, from current students seeking internships/clinicals/apprenticeships, to experts in the field looking for their next challenge.

  4. Who is WorkAmerica?

    We’re a dedicated, socially-minded team from all kinds of backgrounds including manufacturing, education, sales, tech and HR, coming together to flip recruiting on its head. Our mission is to connect each and every American with the employment they deserve and desire.