How We Flipped Recruiting on Its Head

November 17th 2016 by Laura

Finding the right employment is a lot of work. You have to hunt through job postings, customize your resume, send out applications, follow up with emails and phone calls, and the chances of getting an interview are slim.

We looked at that whole tiresome process, and thought to ourselves “shouldn’t this be the other way around?” Employers know what they are looking for in an employee, so they should be the ones searching and emailing and calling the right candidates! That’s how we came up with idea to flip recruiting on its head, and make employers compete for candidates like you.

To do that, we get the best candidates to create simple profiles on WorkAmerica that highlight your training, credentials, work experience, and career interests. Then, you go take care of whatever you need to do- run to the grocery store, pick the kids up from school, fix the car, go to school, or whatnot.

In the meantime, employers are searching through WorkAmerica and finding candidates that already meet their qualifications, candidates like you. Once they find your complete profile, they’ll contact you directly requesting an interview. How painless does that sound?

Get started by creating a new profile or logging in to one we already have set up for you, here: