If you could stop sourcing unqualified applicants, that would be great.

Why Your Awesome Job Postings Don’t Work for the Skilled Workforce

April 6th 2017 by WorkAmerica Team


You’ve got a skilled position that needs to be filled. Your carefully crafted job posting has been posted for weeks, possibly months. Resumes flood in and yet none meet even the most basic qualifications. What gives?!

The truth is that the top skilled talent is already employed before they even leave their local technical or community college campus. From that point on, they are in hot demand, and it’s largely a word-of-mouth market. There’s no need for them to ever log into Indeed or CareerBuilder! In fact, the only people that are on those sites are the ones that have been flipping burgers for the past 5 years applying to your job posting to become a combination welder…. Sound familiar?

Go Straight to the Source

You are searching online for talent that doesn’t exist online. To stay ahead of the recruiting curve, you need to connect to the source of all skilled, licensed and credentialed talent: community and technical colleges!

But that takes time, resilience, and patience. Schools are not the most efficient organizations to partner with. We know, because it’s our job.

In fact, it’s the very reason why we built WorkAmerica: to help you stay ahead of the competition by giving you easy access to these in-demand skilled candidates, in fields as varied as HVAC, Welding, Machining, Auto and Diesel Tech and more. For the first time, this talent is all in one single online platform, verified by WorkAmerica. Through strategic partnerships with the colleges, we give you exclusive access to alumni as well as current students, all at a click of a button!
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