Michelson Runway WorkAmerica

WorkAmerica Joins World’s 1st Career Training Tech Accelerator

August 23rd 2016 by Laura

Today, WorkAmerica is proud to officially announce that we are part of Michelson Runway’s inaugural cohort!

Michelson Runway is the world’s first accelerator dedicated to supporting innovations in both higher education as well as career training.

Michelson Runway WorkAmerica

Higher education has the capacity to change the world. Innovative ideas and the great teams behind them can make this crucial resource more accessible and impactful.

 — Gary K. Michelson // Founder, Michelson 20MM Foundation

We joined because we believe all students deserve access to a high-quality education, and the support they need to get a degree and find a meaningful career.

We’re excited to work with our cohort partners including Motimatic, Re Up Education, Pragya, and Lrnr to see what we can accomplish together to make higher education more equitable and effective. Michelson Runway is providing us with the resources and expertise to refine our product, reach more customers, and have a greater impact. 

You can read the full announcement on the accelerator’s blog.