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November 18th 2016 by Laura

Welcome to WorkAmerica!

Our mission is to get job seekers like you hired into the right employment. That means employment that takes full advantage of your training and credentials, that pays you what you deserve, and with the work environment you desire. And we want this to happen quickly, with minimal work on your part, and for free.

Employers are desperate for trained and credentialed talent, but don’t always know where to find them- every state, every school, every professional organization, even every certifier has their own job board, but no one collects the best talent all in one place- until now.

We’re getting all the best talent like you in one place, through our awesome partnerships with schools and credentialing agencies. Then, we’re making it easy for you to get hired by making the employers do all the work. We call it flipping recruiting on it’s head.

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